Monday, June 16, 2008

Welcome nobody

Hello nobody,

Nobody is going to read this (probably) except the people who I link it to. But hopefully one day a tid bit here can help somebody. I am going to try and keep this technical related. I am an Electrical Design Engineer in the Defence industry and run in to a whole range of weird things in the hardware and software world on a day to day basis.
I also dabble in some random things in my own time.

So this is my world:

Home time
What do I play with when I am home alone?
  • My machine is a Macbook from the very first generation with Mac OS 10.5 (+ a lovely Dell 24"er )
  • I code in Eclipse because its the same as what I use at work, and I love Java!
  • I am doing some coding under Vista including work with Media Center, Microsoft Speech SDK and the Media Player SDK. Mash all those things together and you'll work out what I am doing.
  • Occasionally I dabble in UAV related computer vision when I get the time, but that is pretty rare.
Work time
  • I do a bit of software work in a few different languages. I mainly code in C++, but regularly interface/work with Java, C#, Ada and Python.
  • I have played a bit with the Mono framework for C#, and interfacing that to C/C++.
  • Cross platform building plagues my (and Andrew's) poor little worlds. Day to day building (and coding) in Windows, Linux and QNX .
  • I use Eclipse for EVERYTHING at work. Every language (excluding any Matlab work) I have a plug-in for. Its a lovely central place to work and it means I only have to get to know one tool. The most efficient way for me to work is Eclipse for Windows, and I rely heavily on Samba to glue me to the *NX OS's.
  • Most of my electronics work revolves around data acquisition and control.
  • Embedded work I do usually revolves around the Microchip PIC's.
So thats me... and thats some of the stuff I might talk about. I wont really get into project specifics, but things that I run into that are interesting and worth talking about. The first two things I want to talk about are problems I have seen with my girlfriends Intel Storage Matrix RAID set up (on her new pretty freakin sweet PC), and also a little nuisance problem with GTK# and the Embedded Mono API. Boo.

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